Concha Hood Fresh presents Summer Rap Jam 2011


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When: March 19, 2011
Where:Pavia cor. Juan Luan St., Tondo, Manila
Quota: 100 Php/Group
Freestyle: 50 Php
Prizes: Cash & Trophy
Hosted by: Dhanz Loccdown & Klez D’One

CHF OG Ampeng – 0912-5889663
CHF The Click – 0930-6865301
CHF Thug 1ne – 0909-1201114

Manuyo Pride, BNC Prod. & Rapista presents... Represent Your Pride Rap Contest & The 1st Rapista Freestyle Challenge "Battle For Microphone Supremacy"


Manuyo Pride, BNC (Baluarte ng Cavite) Production & Rapista presents...

Represent Your Pride Rap Contest
The 1st Rapista Freestyle Challenge
"Battle for Microphone Supremacy"
(a Back to Back Event for Charity)

April 30, 2010. Manuyo 1 Covered Court, Manuyo, Las Piñas City

with performances by:
Tuglaks, BNC Production, Pikaso, Pinoy Tripolantez (P3T), Pinoy Republic, Lon of Brown Biscuit Music, 7 Heads, Mobbdawgs, Butanggero, Limitz Records, Hearty Tha Bomb, Negatibo, Lunatics, Young One, Blingzy One, JR Prisno, Target of DC Clan, Tuesday Troop and a lot more...

No foul/explicit words content on a track being performed. Penalty: DISQUALIFICATION
Instrumental beats must be zero minus one. No plus one. No dubbing. Penalty: 5 points deduction in case of violation of rules.
Four (4) minutes time limit. Penalty: 5 points deduction in case of violation of rules.B/li>
Competing group executed the 1st verse of track may not re-take in case of a memory gap during the performance.

Registration is until April 28, 2010.
Quota: 300 / Group; 200 / Freestyle

Prizes: .com website for both winning group and winning freestyler; Plaques; Rapista Clothing Goodies.

For more info, please contact:
D-Rodd (BNC): 0928-2294584
J-Mitch (BNC/Tuesday Troop): 0930-4021071
Madshock (Rapista): 0920-9834620

Balisa (Tribute to OG Blazphem) - OG Spoke 1, Jayzee, OG Sacred & Hukbalahap


Title: Balisa (Tribute to OG Blazphem)
Artist: OG Spoke 1, Jayzee, OG Sacred & Hukbalahap
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RIP Corazon "Cory" Aquino. The Philippines is so blessed for having a woman like you.


Tie a yellow ribbon
This is the color of Freedom
Une Grande Dame
Thanks for the democracy Cory our dear Madame!
---madshock (c) 2009

Just like the other Filipinos, I join them as the nation mourns and deeply saddened by the death of the Mother of Philippine Democracy. She was brave just like her beloved husband Ninoy. She was also a hero and a freedom fighter, a mother to us all. As you cross the road to heaven, may you please send my regards to the Father of Philippine Hiphop. Goodbye Madame Cory. Thanks for Freedom and Democracy. --- madshock

Few days ago, DJ MOD sent his concerns and wishes for a speedy recovery for the former president. Touched and greatful, Ms. Kris Aquino asked him to remake this song "Yellow Ribbon" before TITA CORY passed away.

Calling upon the talents of Kix of Saia to sing the song, D-Coy and J.O.L.O. to drop a few bars and Pikaso to co-produce the track.

With a gut feeling friday night (July 31, 2009) DJ MOD felt there was a need of urgency to get the song recorded and finished. DCOY and JOLO got into the recording both at PIKASO's studio, that very same night and got the vocals to DJ MOD. Once the song was finished,in the early hours of Saturday Morning, DJ MOD got word our Nation's greatest president had passed.

Please keep TITA CORY in your prayers and enjoy the song.

"Throw your L's up, get it hella high/ yellow ribbons gettin' tied, doves already set to fly// this is for our people, this ain't for AUTHORITY/ this is for our freedom, this is for DEMOCRACY...J.O.L.O

please excuse the video. we just wanted to get the song out there on the www. we have a much more meaningful video up soon. We would like to also thank to Calavera Comics for the people power art work.


Corazon C. Aquino
January 25, 1933 - August 1, 2009

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RAP - A short film about a clown who loves to rap than making kids happy


Film Title: RAP
Starring: Rocky Rocha of Sigaw ng Tundo
Directed by: Jon de Chavez
Summary: The film is about a clown who loves to rap than making kids happy.

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